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Who are we?

GeoCapital is the first Brazilian asset management company solely focused on global equities.


Geo was founded to help Brazilians invest in an asset class that can provide diversification in both risk and returns. With the understanding investments in global equities is the inevitable future of Brazilian investors, GeoCapital, faced the challenge of being the agent of this transformation. We believe that investing in leading global companies is one of the most efficient ways to increase returns by providing portfolio diversification.

  • R$ 1,3 billion of AUM
  • 3000 clients
  • 29 associates, 10 of them partners


Since the beginning, our goal has been to transform our market. We are here to instigate, to know and to explore.

This is how we grow, as a company and as a brand.

We develop processes, we trace new routes. Sometimes we ask ourselves if there is a different way of doing it.

We believe it is possible

We diversify to reduce risk and achieve the best results.

One thing is certain: no one can do it alone.

We are a team that dives deep to find the best direction. We gather talent to innovate and plan for the long term. After all, getting out into the world requires a lot of courage and responsibility.

Because to break through is also to find yourself. Adding experience, sophisticating methodologies, and grow over time. What remains is our willingness to transform.

Welcome to GeoCapital. A world of opportunities.