Geo Capital

Investment Process

Investment Universe

We create an investment universe featuring the best business models according to our process. This universe is small enough to allow a deep understanding of each company, yet large enough to encompass a variety of sectors, geographic regions, and stages of development.

What Sets Us Apart?

Identifying the Best Quality Companies

GeoCapital meticulously analyzed over 900 listed companies worldwide to curate an ideal universe of 60 companies. This number allows us to cover various segments and geographies while ensuring a deep, comprehensive understanding of each company. We evaluate each business based on three pillars of quality: pricing power, growth potential and ownership culture. By assigning scores to more than a dozen qualitative criteria, we enable quantitative comparisons across different companies.

Investing When They Are Undervalued

We assess each high-quality company with a forward-looking 5-year horizon. Using proprietary financial models, we project expected returns for each company under different scenarios. In building our portfolio, we prioritize companies that are currently undervalued and are likely to perform well across multiple scenarios, thus securing the largest positions in our portfolio.

Portfolio 5Y Estimated IRR

A proprietary tool developed by GeoCapital that signals the most advantageous times to buy.

The Portfolio 5Y Estimated IRR* is designed to indicate the theoretical annual expected return of the portfolio. This tool allows us to communicate to clients our perspective on the potential returns offered by our portfolio at the time of investment, considering a 5-year horizon.

* Please note that the yield calculated by the tool is an expected return and should not be considered as a guarantee of future returns.